Master Class Workshops

Knowledge, Expertise, Excellence

Our Master Class workshops are designed to inspire exceptional photography. During each session we present accessible knowledge, valuable insights, and practical experiences to help you to create the pictures you imagine. Our goal is to give you assured confidence when using the camera, lenses, and light as creative tools.

Macro Master Class

Turning Magnification Into Magical Images

When we move in close, the camera reveals intricate details, fascinating patterns, and intense colors unseeable with the naked eye. Magnification can turn an ordinary subject into a fascinating tapestry of color, texture, shape, and dimension. Even the most ordinary subjects can be completely transformed when captured through a macro lens. Macro photography is incredibly fun and it can be done nearly anywhere—rain or shine, day or night, in the garden, or at the kitchen table.

The Macro Photography Master Class is a four-session workshop designed to inspire macro excellence. Each session is 90-minutes in length, twice per week, over a two week period. This schedule allows time between sessions for experimentation, practice, and reflection. Each session will be recorded, and a private link will be provided for your personal viewing.

Begins May 9, 2023

macro photograph

Workshop Features

Program Design

Each workshop session builds toward a higher level of expertise, with both Joe and Joey addressing specific topics to help you extend your knowledge. The session concludes with a corresponding project that will reinforce the insights from that day’s presentation. The next session begins with a thoughtful review of the project images where we’ll discuss techniques to enhance the visual appeal of each image.

What You Can Expect

Expertise, insight, and transparency. Whether it’s the techniques we employ, the gear we use, the resources we rely on, or how they merge in the creation of images, we want to share that knowledge with you completely and openly. Your progress is greatly accelerated through knowing what to embrace—and what to avoid.

Visual Learning

Our online workshops are presented live from our Media Studios located in California and Colorado. Each space is equipped with high-resolution cameras, cinema lighting, professional audio, and production systems that deliver a visually rich learning experience. The sessions are easy to see, easy to hear, and deeply informative.

Skill Level

Although a progression through a series of workshops will always offer the most potential for growth, every individual workshop is created as a complete learning experience. Each of our workshops focuses on a particular area of interest that will introduce you to new concepts and techniques that you can use in the creation of fresh images. We encourage you to chat with us about which of our workshops may be most beneficial for you.

Workshop Size

Deep learning and understanding are at the core of what we do, so we limit the size of our workshops—both online and in-person. This gives us the ability to connect with each photographer to discuss individual objectives. This is the foundation for rapid improvement, and it leads to the creative application of new ideas and techniques.

Photographic Harmony

Digital photography unites the imagination, the camera, and the computer—ultimately leading to a finished result. Because each part of the process is dependent on the others, the most refined photographs become possible when the steps are creatively fused. In every session, we explain how each process enhances the others, leading you to the finest possible results.

Shine a Spotlight

Your success in photography is how we measure the success of our workshops. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or requests, please let us know.

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