Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have The Necessary Skills?

Each of our workshops are designed for various skill levels, but all we require for most of our courses is an understanding of camera functions, familiarity with images on a computer, and a desire to learn more. More advanced courses build upon the knowledge gained in the foundational courses.

How Can I Become More Creative?

The secret to great photography is making bad pictures. Lots of them. Every bad picture is a lesson in what doesn’t work, and like a tapering funnel, those pictures direct you toward more successful ones. Before long, every picture opportunity begins at the narrow end of the funnel and then you’re free to really stretch your creativity. The best photographers, if they’re honest, know their strongest images are a direct result of all the weak ones they made in the past.

Is One Course A Requirement For Another?

Not at all. Every photographer has a different level of knowledge and skill, so we encourage you to choose the courses that are best for you. If you’re uncertain about which courses might offer the most benefit, please connect with us so that we can offer more information and guidance.

Do I Have The Appropriate Camera Gear?

If you own a Mirrorless or DSLR camera and lens, then you have the two most important pieces of equipment. A macro lens is not absolutely necessary for the macro courses, but having one opens up a world of subjects and incredible possibilities in your pictures. For the lighting courses, no special eqipment is necessary, but a Speedlight, strobe, or continuous light source of any kind will give you many more lighting options. We welcome all camera and lens brands. Although we are both Nikon users, we’re familiar with other manufacturers products and their features.

How Will I Attend The Workshop?

Our online sessions are multi-camera presentations in HD quality video and sound. Our goal is to deliver an experience close to what you might receive in-person. All of the online sessions are held on Vimeo in and are 90 minutes in length. We are always available between sessions via email.

How Many Photographers Are In Each Workshop?

Each course is a bit different, so we try to set a student limit based on the subject matter. We intentionally keep the workshops small so that we can freely connect with everyone. Generally, we have an upper limit of 15 students per workshop.

Will There Be Projects to Work On?

In our Master Class workshops, yes! Following each session, there will a project that will support the photography and imaging techniques you learned that week. Each project is designed to be a fun exploration, simple to produce, and a combination of camera and computer leading to a unique new image. Our Specialty workshops are homework-free.

What If I Miss A Session?

No worries at all. Our preference is for you to be there live with us to engage and ask questions, but if a conflict arises, there will be recording of each session for later viewing.

Will Each Session Be Recorded?

Yes! It’s usually beneficial to review the sessions, reinforce the techniques and information, and potentially discover some areas where you may have additional questions. We will provide a personalized link—unique to you—so that you may rewatch the sessions.

Is There A Waiting List For Workshops That Have Been Filled?

Absolutely. If a workshop has filled, please contact us so that we can add you if another student has a change of plans and an opening becomes available.

Do You Offer In-Person Workshops?

Soon. We plan on offering a handful of in-person workshops in 2023. Please let us know if you’d like to be added to our mailing list (located at the bottom of our home page) and we’ll keep you updated on upcoming workshops.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We understand that situations arise and plans sometimes need to change. We offer a full refund if the cancellation occurs 30 days or more from the beginning of the workshop. If you need to make a change inside of 30 days, we can only offer a credit toward another workshop. It can sometimes be quite difficult to replace a last-minute cancellation, so your understanding is appreciated.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With the Course?

Please let us know so that we can make immediate adjustments. We want you to have a superior learning experience, so if something needs to be different, please share your concerns right away and we’ll find a solution.

Shine a Spotlight

Your success in photography is how we measure the success of our workshops. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or requests, please let us know.

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