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Our photography workshops are designed for creators who wish to produce more impactful and imaginative images. Each workshop is developed to help you master the complete process of digital photography—from capture to completion. Our attendees range from enthusiasts to professionals.

Greetings from our studios! This two-minute video illustrates the multiple views, cinema lighting, and clear audio that helps us deliver a detailed learning experience in each of our workshops.


We believe that photography is an unparalleled way to experience life and the images you create are a souvenir of those experiences. Exploring your potential as a photographer leads to stronger images, greater technical skill, and richer memories through photographs.


Each workshop is designed to develop confidence toward technical skill, gear selection, image capture, digital workflow, image toning, special processing, and ultimately perfecting the final result—on screen and in print.


Photography always has new subjects to photograph, and new techniques to learn—no matter your depth of knowledge or level of experience. We will always meet you where you are now, and help you to become the photographer you wish to be.

Why Us?

A Workshop With Results

There are many terrific photography workshops, but what makes us unique is our approach to sharing knowledge. We guide you using successful techniques that lead to more compelling photographs—without any unnecessary jargon.

Becoming Illuminated

Light is the leading influence on the look, feel, and impact of every photograph. It’s often the quality that takes an image from merely good to amazingly great. Simplifying illumination and integrating light into your pictures is at the heart of every workshop we offer.


Experience to Grow Your Vision

Each of us has a wide range of experience that informs the workshops we teach. That experience allows us to design programs that are insightful, streamlined, and most of all, effective. We’ll teach you the essential techniques that will lead you to create more compelling photographs.


360-Degrees of Understanding

Our belief is that digital photography is a complete process—one that begins in the mind, is captured with a camera, and then refined in the computer. Mastering and combining all three phases of the process will lead you to create the finest photographs you’ve ever made.

Learning, Not Boot Camp

Our workshops are designed for learning rather than competition. We use review sessions as a way for photographers to grow through specific, detailed, and thoughtful recommendations. The workshop atmosphere is always conversational and inspiring.

A Lasting Connection

Workshops begin and end, but our relationship with you is something that continues. We enjoy seeing your progress and your successes, but challenges will arise as well. We want to hear from you when they do—before, during, or after the workshop.

What Photographers Say About Us

“Joey takes the detail, the complexity, the art and the science and removes the mystique. He creates an educational environment which is inclusive, welcoming and highly effective. Life long learning is in Joey’s DNA and his insight and support have been invaluable in my growth as a creative. He cares, he oozes professionalism, but best of all he’s fun to learn from.”


Photographer, Isle of Skye, UK

“Joey has been great teacher to me and even more importantly he’s been an outstanding mentor—always encouraging, inspiring, and kind. I’m eternally grateful for all the support and confidence Joey has given me over the years as I made my transition to professional photography.”

Dotan Saguy

Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

“Both Joe and Joey are among a small group of successful practitioners who are also able to design and deliver learning to students of all experience levels.

They each bring different experiences, and they build on each other exceptionally well. They truly care about my learning, and I always leave classes energized, never tired. They are also genuinely nice people who are both humble and funny. They never brag about their own accomplishments and are solely focused on making me a better photographer.

My photography has improved immensely as a result of what I have learned from them. And the best part, there is so much more to learn… And with Joey and Joe, it’s so much fun!”

Dan Simpson

Photographer, CA

“Joe Lavine’s years of experience and knowledge are rooted in his casual and fun teaching style. He is remarkably attentive to each person in the workshop, highly organized, and generous with his time before, during, and after the workshops. I highly recommend any course or workshop that Joe teaches.”


Photographer, Rockport, ME

“I would recommend Joe as a coach and teacher of the fine art of photography and the tools to get the very most possible out of a picture. His teaching style is interactive and done in a way that allows doing what he is teaching while he is teaching you. He really loves to teach, and I always have a big smile after I leave a session.”


Photographer, Danville, CA

Who We Are

For more than 25 years, we’ve created images for American Express, Coca-Cola, Coors, Del Monte, Disney, General Mills, Golf Digest, IBM, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, Nikon, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Red Bull, Sports Illustrated, and Wells Fargo. The range of our photography experience gives us insights and practical knowledge to share with you.

Joe is an Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe Community Professional, and a member of the Epson Print Academy. Joey is a Nikon Ambassador in the United States. We’ve presented programs at the Maine Media Workshops, The Summit Series of Photography Workshops, The Academy of Arts University, Photo Plus, Society of Photographic Educators, Consumer Electronics Show, and many other photographic organizations and institutions. Helping other photographers succeed has always been a core principle in our work.


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